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To the guys on Alameda and I25 tonight. Roll racing is for individuals who have zero skill, zero suspension or zero tire. If you want to roll race save yourself a headache and bring your dyno sheets and a weight ticket and you can walk around the parking lot and find out who you are "FASTER" than. Roll racing wasn't even a thing until FWD Turbo cars came onto the scene and couldn't compete from a dig. Then everybody and their mom that couldn't build a decent drag car went "Hey there onto something here". Instead a building a complete car lets just focus on HP and forget the rest of the car. Stall, gear, suspension and tire. I am borderline ashamed of todays youth and their "fast cars". Any idiot can bolt on a turbo kit take their car to a tuner and roll race till their tiny hearts are content. It takes research and skill to build and drive a car that hooks.
Being addicted to drag racing makes a crackhead look like someone just craving something salty.
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