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Thread Title: roll racing association
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The only thing that bothers me about roll racing is that it takes the driver out of the equation. I like to think that winning is a race is partially because of your car, and the driver. When you beat a car, it's cool because you helped make that happen. It's especially fun when you beat a car that's faster, because you were better than that guy that day, in spite of him having an advantage over you.

It is a little easier for a stalled auto to launch better, because your rpms go up so much faster, but it's not necessarily that they hook better. I've let other people drive my car (even on DR's), and completely fail at launching, it still takes some skill to launch a stalled auto. Especially if you're on street tires.

Everyone has their excuses though, of course stalled auto's don't like to roll race because it puts them at a disadvantage over going from a dig. A manual guy will complain about tires, or 10 bolt. I figure if you have a weak link in your car, that's your fault you built it up that way. If you go for all power and drive around with shit tires, it's not my fault you can't hook unless you go from a roll, or are afraid to break your rear because you can't launch right or didn't want to upgrade it.

Now I'm not saying that roll racing is retarded, it's fun. I like to roll race, my car does good from a roll, better from a dig, but it's fine from a roll. But if you're going to decide who is faster, than it should be done from a dig. Roll racing is just for fun, imo. The launch can be the deciding factor for the winner, and it takes a lot of skill to get it just right, and when you take that out, it's just not the same.

On a side note, it's funny now that people know what a stalled auto is, people don't like to race from a dig. I remember when all I had to do was tell someone mine was auto and if they had a manual they'd always think they were going to win automatically, even if it was a 15 sec car, lol. Now if I tell people I have a stall, and what size it is, they refuse to even race at all from a dig, sometimes even from 20-30 roll, lol.

Pretty cool video though, the flames coming out that vettes exhaust were awesome.

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