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Thread Title: roll racing association
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Originally Posted by zinister View Post
Phil, I think what Sean meant by roll racing showing who is faster means whos car is ultimately faster than the other in an all out race. We are not talking about roll racing 1320 feet, or even drag racing on the street. Most of the time its much longer than that. The race ends when someone stops racing, period. Even if you are a bus length behind, but are still in it, the race is still on in my opinion. Now, going from a dig at the dragstrip and getting someone off the line in your auto and winning, all the the while they were catching you very fast, just means you beat them to the 1320 foot mark. But on the street from a roll, they would have yanked your headlights out as they went by you, ultimately proving they are faster. Unless, likle some fags that slam their brakes when they realizing someone is catching them quickly, terminating the race before they got their ass handed to them.

As far as I'm concerned, I like all three. Dragstrip, dig on the street, and roll on the street.
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