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Originally Posted by SLOW_86 View Post
what about modifying a crappy slow car into a crappy fast car? one might call it a sleeper? would this put me at least near the poverty line lol, and this kid has a v6 mustang?? so does my girlfriend
Jesus fucking Christ, can no one pick up on subtlety? It's a V6 chassis. I'm glad your girlfriend drives one, she must be getting ready to graduate high school soon.

Originally Posted by CursedOne View Post
Who fucking cares if someone decides to mod a crappy car? Financial idiocy? The hell is that? Ever stop to think that maybe people happen to just like a certain type of car? People say Camaro's are gay slow pieces of shit. I didn't buy one to prove a point or because I thought I could turn it into a road warrior and lay dick everywhere; I bought it because I like the style and I'm happy with the car. Is it stupid to dump money into it? Sure, just like anyone deciding to dump money in any vehicle that depreciates in value. I'm willing to bet most of the folks here at some point or another in their lives bought some crappy pointless product from Autozone and slapped it on their car, be it car seats, fake spinner rims, LED strips, or fucking octane booster.

I don't dump money into my car, but I have another hobby that I dump money into.

Are there better tanks out there? Sure. Better fish? Of course. Better filtration equipment? Absolutely. Do I fucking care? Not one bit. I love my tanks and fish, I love to sit in front of them with a beer or two and relax while watching their inhabitants swim around. Is it a waste of money? Anyone who isn't into the hobby would say yes, but it's all subjective to the owner.

If a person enjoys their ride, whether it's slow or slammed or has pink unicorns fucking on the hood, show appreciation for the fact that they like the hobby enough to actually DO something with their ride regardless of the money they spent or the car they started with.

True enthusiasts appreciate and help others who share a love for the hobby. Then there are the assholes like you who look for reasons to knock someone else down.
It's stupid people spending money on shit they can't afford. Do you waive a flag about your other hobbies and seek validation by bragging about what you own? I sure as shit know a lot of Honda kids that do. I won't judge a normal girl walking down the street but put lipstick on a whore and I'll crack jokes at their expense all night.

The "car scene" (and I cringe at that terminology) has been inundated since F&F1 with primadonnas who care not about craftsmanship, performance, or skill but stickers, cosmetic tow hooks, and silly cambered wheels. While occasionally a Honda may come across that captures my imagination (usually the ones that are some stock variant), I'm subjected daily to useless, tasteless cars that are outperformed by modern day minivans. It's seriously a thing to make your car handle worse. How is that appreciated?

And we can pretend that this site is filled with politically correct friends who welcome tacky pieces of shit, but there's plenty of threads on here deriding kids who come in, drop their ballsacks on the counter, and expect you to marvel at their nuts.

Maybe I'm picking up on stereotypes. But there wouldn't be a stereotype unless there was some truth to it. I don't say I'm a doctor because I know how to put on a bandaid, others shouldn't pretend they have a fast car by putting on an obnoxious exhaust and cutting their springs.

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ahhhh V6 chasis got it!!!.. cool i was going to say not sure why your talking so much if you have a v6 stang.. my mistake sir!
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